Catholic Press Photo was born 40 years ago from a wonderful idea of Giancarlo Giuliani and Emilio Barontini developing it during the years and now defining his target in social-religious photos, with a particular point of view regarding the Vatican and his events, but continuing to follow the italian and foreign news.

Today we are a dinamic agency, highly computerized with a large foreign distribution, in France with CIRIC, in Germany , and for Italy we have the exclusive distribution of St. Pauls group and St. Pauls International photographic archives.

We are official partners of Famiglia Cristiana, one of the most important italian magazines, and some of our clients are very important international one's, including Asahi Shimbun, of whom we are the official partner in Italy.

For all these magazines we work everyday making exclusive reportages and investing human resources and money for growing up our agency, tryng to satisfy their request as well as one can.

Our satisfaction is your satisfaction.

The Staff

Alessia Giuliani - Director - Photographer

Daniele Colarieti - Photographer-Desk

Alessandro Paparatti - webmaster & Referrer I.T